Ensure that York has a strong, effective voice upstate
Re-elect Representative Windol Weaver in November

With your vote, York will continue to have strong representation in the State House through Windol Weaver. With 30 years of town, county, state and military budgetary experience, Weaver advocates reducing the cost and size of state government. He is pro-conservation and seeks economic stimulus that will "keep York graduates in York."

Left Align

High Marks

Weaver has been busy working for York voters, attaining a stellar 98.6 percent voting attendance record over three terms.

His environmental scorecard is 5 of 5, according to the Maine League Conservative Voters.

The Maine Economic Research Institute awarded Weaver the “Certificate of Economic Excellence” with an 88.5% rating on issues affecting your wallet.

Windol Weaver has consistently put economic growth and our personal freedoms first. He earns high marks from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Maine Economic Research Institute, Maine Credit Union League, the Sportman's Alliance of Maine and the NRA.